Apartment – User manual Fire alarm

In English Apartment - User manual Fire alarm

Reset button mounted in the apartment can only be used as reset/shutoff in the apartment it is mounted.

Pulsating sound
When the alarm is triggered in your apartment a siren will alert you with a pulsating sound locally and the smoke detector will light up with a red light.

Constant sound
When the alarm is triggered elsewhere in the building the siren will alert you with a constant sound . Immediately go to the first floor in the staircase and look at the fire alarm control panel to determine where the alarm is activated.

Cancelling unwanted alarm9188541
If the alarm is triggered in your apartment by mistake, press the reset button (one short press on the button) within 1 minute. You will now have 2 minutes to air out the smoke. Then a new alarm is triggered if it is not vented enough. This can be done up to 3 times before the alarm goes off in the whole building (constant sound).

Shut-off of the detector(s) in the apartment
If you know in advance that there can be smoke, steam or similar in the apartment, you can press (and hold) the reset button until you get a message (in Norwegian) that the detectors in your apartment is disabled. The reset button will then be flashing yellow to indicate that the detectors are disabled.

The detector(s) will automatically reconnect after 4 hours.

System malfunction
In case of system malfunction please contact the board here. Wires or equipment like smoke detectors must not under any circumstances be physically dismantled on your own.

In Case of Fire

  1. Alert and evacuate other residents, contact the Fire Department by phone 110 .
  2. Try to put out the fire.
  3. Try to limit the fire (close the doors and Windows).
  4. Meet and inform the fire department.

Print this guide
The Board recommends that you print this guide and keep it available inside your section at all times. Download a printer friendly version here: Download (.pdf)

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